We are aware that your time is valuable, which is why we have prepared this little tutorial to make you a brief summary on how it works!

1 - Get ready!



4 - Finish It!

1 - Get ready!

► First of all, enjoy your welcome gift, by subscribing via Facebook "connexion" button.

► Or with the subscription form.
P.S : If you subscribe by the Inscription form, you will need to confirm you account. In that matter, you will receive an email to the address you have provided.


On the main page, you will be able to track on-going auctions or the ones to come. You could see auctions’ details: Type of auction, countdown etc… In the next section we will present you different types of auctions we propose.

► On that picture, it is a « Classic » PlayStation 4 auction starting in 1min 24sec. You will have 90 sec to bid after every raise.

► Then, by clicking the auction picture you will find top-ranked bidders for the on-going auction. You can programme an auction for the product and buy directly the item (in this case, coins that you have will be deducted from the product’s price).

► By clicking the « Auction » button, 1 coin will be deducted from your account and the product’s price will increase by 1 cent. If you are the last bidder when the countdown ends (in this example, after 90 seconds) then you win the right to pay the product at the price shown.


You need to know the differences between every auction. Here you will find an exhaustive list.

► Auction with no restriction

There is no minimum price to reach for this auction. You can win the product at a very low price.

► Auction At Max

For this auction, a maximum price is set. The price will never be higher than the Max limit.

► Normal Aucion

As you can imagine, it is a classic auction with no specific rules.

► Rookie's Auction

This is a auction reserved for new comers or so-called « Rookies ».

► Auction without Auto Auction

You cannot use « Auto-Auction » function. You will need to bid manually.

4 – Finish It!

You are ready to auction at your ease !
The "currency“ used is the « coin ». So do not forget to get your munitions by clicking the purchase tag!

► To receive items that may win, you will need to complete your profile in « MY ACCOUNT ». You could also manage your addresses, enter bonus codes that we propose through our promotions. You can sponsor you friend as well.